We believe that the United States will benefit immensely from a rapid transition to a clean energy economy from our current fossil fuel economy - more jobs, improved health, reduced income inequality, and avoidance of climate disaster.  We advocate for public policies which support this transition in three key areas:

  1. Accelerating the adoption of renewable energy technologies

  2. Preventing the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure such as leaking pipelines and polluting coal electrical generating plants and

  3. Reducing the dependence of our food system on costly and dirty fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, in all areas, the Federal government is currently pursuing policies in the wrong direction with great intensity and much damage is being done.  However, in many policy areas, progress is possible at the local and state level. Elected local and state officials can make decisions today that can take us in the right direction in defiance of Washington, D.C.  And in many, circumstances, local elected officials can block destructive policies and projects that are supported by the Federal government through local actions around permitting, leasing, and zoning.

Most of the work of the Green Advocacy Project is non-electoral advocacy efforts to advance these three causes. However, in some circumstances, we support electoral efforts where change is needed.

The Green Advocacy Project is a 501c(4) organization.  Contributions are not deductible.