Great 2018 opportunity for an electoral campaigner


In 2017, the Green Advocacy Project (a c(4) organization) successfully tested an electoral strategy to elect environmental champions at the local level, and is now expanding the program in 2018.

We seek a full time experienced political campaigner who will work closely with Michael Kieschnick, the project’s founder and president.  This is a term consulting position for 2018. The advisor can be located anywhere in the U.S. but there will be a preference for those who can primarily work from Palo Alto, California.

We provided financial support to groups which in turn conducted campaigns that helped elect environmental leaders to such positions as mayor, city and county council, and port commissions. Victory leads to accelerating the transition to 100% clean energy and sustainable agriculture or blocking fossil fuel infrastructure (symbolic victories do not count!)

This electoral effort is part of the Green Advocacy Project’s larger advocacy effort, but this position will have an electoral focus.

It is our goal to use local and state power to resist the Trump fossil fuel agenda and accelerate the transition to clean energy as rapidly as possible.

The campaigner will play a number of tasks:

  1. Through networking with activists, environmental groups and progressive political organizations, identify high impact campaigns;

  2. Evaluate the relative climate impact of possible campaigns based on the likelihood of success and the possible policy outcomes that follow electoral victory;

  3. Where sought by groups, provide advice on campaign tactics.

Successful candidates will incorporate most of the following attributes:

  1. An instinct to move and take action;

  2. Demonstrated knowledge of Analyst Institute evidence of what works and does not work in campaigns (if you are a fan of television advertising, no need to apply!)

  3. Comfort with applying a clear theory of change in allocating limited resources - time and money.

  4. A cheerful and bold approach to networking and collaboration to speed up rather than slow down social change.

  5. An ability to extract insightful information about candidates and elections from recalcitrant online resources.

  6. Facility with quantitative analysis without being trapped or limited by it;

  7. Fluency with traditional tools (VAN and voter files) and newly emerging tools.

  8. Must have had enjoyed hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations at the door with voters (note - conversations, not door knocks!)

This effort will fund programs (typically c(4)s) rather than candidates in local elections all over the country.  The position will involve substantial travel. Working from Palo Alto (with supporter housing possible) is desired, but not a requirement.

Note: We are open to titles other than Advisor, which might seem a bit passive.  While we have a very strong preference for field campaigns, we are not looking for someone who will be a field director, but someone who has been a field director and brings that sensibility and approach to evaluating campaigns.

We encourage people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply.

Please apply by filling in this application form: